What is Till?

Till Mobile is your two-way SMS & Voice Microservice

Send schedule confirmations, instant alerts, flash surveys, and build real-time two-way engagement experiences quickly and easily.

Or let your users come to you. Provide them with a number to text or call that responds with a survey, alert, confirmation, or other engagement experience.

When we say quickly and easily we mean it. In other words here's what you won't have to build when you use Till instead of an IaaS provider e.g. Plivo or Nexmo:

  • Low latency response services for incoming SMS messages and voice controls
  • Response validation and normalization
  • Inbound and outbound initiated session management
  • Conversation queuing
  • Result storage database
  • Configurable routing rules
  • Configurable session management
  • Auto-retry for failed delivery
  • and more...

Who is Till?

We cut our chops using SMS and Voice to collect critical data direct from the people that power the supply chains your favorite brands use every day.

What we found were overly complex (too low level) and un-reliable (yikes) solutions for developing and managing two-way SMS and Voice experiences. We were writing code, standing up needless infrastructure, and configuring developer unfriendly solutions to handle what seemed like a simple problem.

We realized there had to be a better way and our SMS and Voice Microservice was born.

Now we are excited to share it with you and look forward to helping you and your business use SMS and Voice to their fullest.

How does Till work?



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