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Conditional conclusions

Is it possible to have multiple conclusions based on the question response

Messages not received...

Hello, I am trying your service and from your website I am successfully able to receive messages to my mobile. I have added you to my Heroku App but cannot get message to go through to my mobile device. I have tried my node.js app and tried using Postman. I do not receive any errors and with Heroku when I go to the till dashboard I see the messages there but again I do not receive them on my device. Is there something else I need to do to get the messages to come through? The URL I am posting to is: https://platform.tillmobile.com/api/send?username=<MY_USERNAME>&api_key=<MY_KEY> My JSON Body: { "phone": ["<DEVICE_PHONE_#>"], "text": "Hello" } I have also used the same JSON on your website. Again, this works from your site every time, but not from my code or postman or CURL. Please advise? Thank you for the help.

Does Till support receiving and sending images?

Always error 403 while calling API.

I try to test api via Postman, Curl or MyApp calling, I got 403 response. example command of calling with curl: curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0" -X POST -d '{ "phone": ["+66819248388"], "text" : "Hello Till from cURL!"}' "https://platform.tillmobile.com/api/send?username=<user>&api_key=<key>" What can I do to solve the problem?

how i can send 300 number in one time in php

how i try curl post phone => "+1xxxxxxx +1xxxxx" don't work

i need

i need non voip numbers mobile from USA, (better mobile phones) this website bring me this? i how can use this then? i need try it if answer is yes

Does Till support concatenated SMS?

Our application needs to be able to send an SMS with more than 160 characters in it. Does Till support sending such messages? This is what I am looking for: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concatenated_SMS Thank you, Giriraj

support for Venezuela

Do you have support One-way SMS for Venezuela?

Example in Ruby on Rails

Hi folks. Do you have an application example in ruby on rails sending sms? Beforehand thank you very much! from Venezuelan.

Who are you?

Is this just a scam to amass a database of e-mail addresses and correlated phone numbers?